Microwave Guides

The MicroWave Line Control System is the most awarded technology in fishing tackle history with a total of 6 worldwide Best of Show innovation awards. The reason; it is the most effective and efficient line control system ever created. The very purpose of line guides are to capture loose line coming off of a reel and control it during the cast efficiently allowing the rod and angler to perform at their best. Combining science and practical application, the MicroWave Line Control System captures and controls line immediately in the first guide and throughout the cast with total line control. The results are improved rod reaction and better angler performance.

American Tackle’s MicroWave Line Control System addresses coiling-memory issues with mono fishing line, but it’s ideal for braided lines, and really something that has to be felt and seen to be believed. It provides noticeable advantages over standard guide trains by combining science, practical application and custom rod building principles. Cast longer and more accurately while reducing fatigue and wind knots – check them out!

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